Anglia Willys Gasser Plans

It’s easier to build a gasser today than it was in the gasser heyday era of the 1960s. Why? Because back then it was word-of-mouth and trial and error. You either had access to somebody’s existing setup that you tried to copy or you looked at some pictures in a magazine and used that as your inspiration, with your fingers crossed. But that’s all changed.

Anglia Gasser Plans

Today, thanks in large part to how the Internet has changed the publishing industry, it is now possible to acquire detailed, specific information to build a gasser that would simply not have been obtainable before. That’s what we’re here for — to bring you the comprehensive information that will guide you to build a gasser, either for the strip or the street, in the most easy, economic and safe way.

Build a Gasser Frame With Our Plans

The frame is the key element of any vehicle and especially a gasser. That’s why it’s critically important that you start to build a gasser with a safe, sound frame no matter whether you’re planning to run in the 9’s on the strip or just want to cruise on the weekend. After all, if you’re planning to build a gasser using a popular Willys or Anglia, that flexy frame made of light gauge steel 65 to 80 years ago was designed for a 4-cylinder engine with less than 66 horsepower and a top speed under 60mph. Even the weakest small block Chevy can wreak havoc with that old frame and even if you’re not planning to do burnouts, you’ll just as likely be waylaid by a common pothole.

Anglia Gasser Frame Plans

Anglia Gasser frame plans
Discover how to build a safe, strong, economic Anglia Gasser frame.

If you’ve found an old Anglia Gasser, an original Anglia or if you’re planning to use an Anglia Gasser fiberglass body, you’ve come to the right place. Even with a mild build you’ll be increasing your Anglia’s horsepower by over 1000% and it’s weight by over 50%. With this detailed plan set, you’ll build an economic, safe, modern Anglia Gasser Frame … More>

’33 Willys Gasser Frame Plans


Hey, Willys 77 owners and everyone else ready to build or rebuild a cool fiberglass or steel 1933 to 1936 Willys, here’s the affordable, modern, safe frame plans that will make for many enjoyable, dependable miles of street, strip or highway driving. But, no way do you want to think about using a flimsy 80+ year old open channel frame. These plans let you build a modern, economic and safe street/strip frame for coupe, sedan, pickup … More>

’40 Willys Gasser Frame Plans

Willys Gasser Frame Plans

If you own or are building a 1937-42 Willys for street or strip you’ll need these frame plans to replace that 75-year-old, thin, flimsy C-channel frame. Even with a mild 350 HP engine you’ll be increasing your Willys’ horsepower by over 500% and it’s weight by over 25%. Our plans will show you how to build a clean, modern, safe frame for your Willys coupe, sedan or pickup. This detailed plan set covers most any rear suspension as well as front straight axle or IFS and … More>